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Drum Bros Boulder River Retreat Klezmerovitz Teaching elementary Suleiman and Jasmina
Drum Brothers' Boulder River Retreat '07, Group photo.
Playing klezmer with Allan Merovitz & the Klezmerovitz band, '07.
Teaching residency, Eugene Coste Elementary, '07.
Accompanying Suleiman Warwar for Jasmina, '07.
Elementary performance Global Fest '06 U of C 2006 Benefit
School Performance, Valleyview Elementary Residency, '07.
Drumming for The Bedouin at 2006 Global Fest
West African trio at U. of C. Campus Fair 2006
Solo djembe, benefit concert for school for blind children in India, 2006
Mamady doundouns Arthur Hull in Hawaii Men's Sword Dance Drumming for Bedouin
Playing doundouns, Mamady Keita workshop, Calgary, 2006
Facilitating the nightly drum circle, Arthur Hull playshop, Hawaii, 2002
Asouda el Sahra with Sword Dance, Global Fest 2005
Drumming for the Bedouin, GLobal Fest 2005
Yellowknife Solstice Fest Busking with Belly dancers coming coming
Playing douns for drum circle, Yellowknife Solstice Festival 2004
Busking with The Bedouin at Calgary Farmer's Market, 2005

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